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Ice in the friggin’ toilet
January 24, 2008, 2:12 pm
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frozed toity

Do you see that? There’s ice in our friggin’ toilet! Yow! I bet that’s a cold seat. The downstairs bathroom is unheated and with the wind whipping up from the basement it gets pretty damn nippy in there. I haven’t seen this before though. Thought I’d share.

In other news..I got a new drinking wessel off of the Ebay

snake mug

Isn’t it cunning? If you tinkle the ice cubes just right it sounds like a real rattlesnake. Resin animals make me happy.

Yeah, so…I think it’s colder today then it had been so far. My own expert opinion as a closet meteorologist. Beadmaking still not going real well. Have I mentioned that me and Don are going to Mexico next month? We are. Don’s employer is picking up the tab. I get to use my shiny new passport that looks like the introduction of “The Colbert Report” with all of it’s eagles and flags. Speaking of “The Colbert Report”, don’t you wish that writer’s strike was over? I can’t believe anyone let them go on strike in the first place after what happened the last time…remember? The last strike was when some bright apple invented reality television. No writers necessary. Sweet Jesus, I don’t think we’ll ever recover from that. That reality television is like one of those beasts with seven heads–you cut one off and then a bunch grow back in it’s place. A “Hydra”. That’s what that beast is called.

Interesting side note: I Wikkied “Hydra” to see if I had the right name for the seven-headed beast and found out that the male team on the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice” called their group “Hydra” at the suggestion of Gene Simmons. For f**k’s sake.


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Hey Cathy!
Careful with that toilet. If you’ve ever seen “A Christmas Story” you’ll remember that skin can stick to frozen objects. Just looking out for you…

Comment by beth (acmegirl)

Aw. Man. Cut Gene some slack. He’s a rock and roll genius, I say!

Comment by Lori G

Whoa. What Beth said. Better take a kettle of hot water to the loo with you.
Or your torch. Might as well make beads while you’re waiting for the spring thaw to detach you.
And check your pipes! If the toilet’s freezing, you’re looking at burst pipes. Especially if you didn’t shut off & drain the outside faucets.
Ain’t home ownership fun?

Comment by phil

Help. Not to freeze.

Unhelpful is winter in making our poo come nicely. Some hot weather on the way makes life easier and lowers sales of laxative.

Comment by misterpoo

Beth- My butt isn’t getting anywhere near that seat. Thanks for the heads up, anyway!

Lori- Gene is a genius and I feel very sorry for any celebrity who has bumped down the ladder of employment far enough to end up on a reality show.

Hey Phil- Torching in the bathroom is an excellent idea. It’s the only ventilated room in house, even if that isn’t on purpose. And our pipes are A-OK as long as the bathroom door is kept open. It would have been a sorry mess, and probably my fault if they would have frozen since I did not check the door before I went to bed. Phew.

Misterpoo, who are you? You write in a very “Engrish” sounding style. I’m a big fan of that. I’d peg you for being SP but he doesn’t comment unless he’s been up all night drinking.

Comment by cathylybarger

yep – toyed all about the night with wanton cashiers, yet, thinks me that more like Yoda Misterpoo sounds…

Comment by sp

Another planet heard from.

Comment by cathylybarger

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