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January 20, 2008, 2:40 pm
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funny truck

We got through Don’s birthday party on Friday. Some very cool and strange tiles came out of that crowd. He recieved as gifts two dense, delicious birthday cakes (from folks who really know how to bake) with a conservatively estimated combined weight of nine pounds. My digestive tract is enormously screwed up from all of the party food I’ve been eating. I’ve had a pretty steady supply of it since New Year’s Eve and the giant container of cheese balls. It will not stop snowing and being cold here. It’s below zero now so I can’t make beads. I’m cranky.

On the brighter side–Our taxes are done and I have a much better understanding of that whole Quick Books thing. Doubtless, I will forget everything by the next time I have to do sales tax but if I was able to figure it out once I can do it again.

Today I curbed my inner dumbass by removing my long scarf before I sat down on the toilet. What did you do?


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I curbed my inner dumbass today by not balancing my full paint can on my ladder step while reaching behind me to try to paint a straight line on the ceiling.

Oh, wait, actually, no I didn’t. I balanced it on the step anyway. But hey, I didn’t spill it!

Comment by kate mckinnon

Not spilling it is an important first step. For what it’s worth, this week I noticed that the power going to an outlet in the studio is extremely touch and go. Rewiring the store is in order as it is with every other area in my life. My radio would not work unless something was propping the plug up right next to the outlet—something flammable like a polishing cloth, for instance, worked nicely. Anyway, all the while I was propping up the plug with the flammable cloth I was thinking about curbing my inner dumbass and also thinking that at least I was realizing that what I was doing was a really bad idea. It’s a step sideways in the right direction. That’s the beat spin that anyone could put on this kind of situation.

Comment by cathylybarger

I curbed my inner dumbass by listening to the ever wise consul trifecta of Cathy, Don, & Bob and didn’t drive home after Don’s birthday blowout. Whew! It must have been all those complex carmelized sugars in those absinthe elixours that finally brought my inner dumbass to its knees…
P.S. Thanks for the comfy couch and the wake up call…

Comment by sp

I didn’t so much curb my inner dumbass as soothe it by rereading “Calvin and Hobbes”. Didn’t help. Still stabbed myself fixing a caster on the microwave cart.

Comment by phil

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