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Humans are our friends
January 11, 2008, 10:58 am
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comforting sentiment

I went into my shrink’s for my quarterly med check this morning. They’re still arranging the little dinosaurs in the hallway for the patients to enjoy. Or perhaps for the staff’s amusement. I thought this was really, really strange the first time I saw them doing it. Quite frankly it’s a little to close to the stuff that I do all the time. IMHO Patient/therapist boarders should be a little more distinct than that. Anyways, over the last year I’ve grown fond of the plastic animal groupings and look forward to seeing them each time I go in. As you can see, this arrangement features a handwritten sign that reads “Humans are our friends”. Such a comforting sentiment. Of course humans are or friends. We love them. Right below that someone added in pen “but they taste good.” Zany mental health care workers.

Another picture from my shrink’s office was this:

staff only!

This is the staff entrance door. It’s in the hallway maybe 10 feet from the patient entrance door. I didn’t ask what the heck happened because it’s more fun to imagine. Someone really wanted in, didn’t they? Maybe they were seized by an excellent dinosaur diorama idea and they forgot their key. I actually can’t imagine circumstances under which someone would have to get into the offices that badly…unless it’s a lot more fun in there than they let on.

In other news…It’s Don’s birthday today! He’s 44 years young. Here’s a picture of him from last Halloween when he was Osama Bee Ladin. That’s Erika next to him. Happy Birthday, Don!

don and erika


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Maybe that’s my problem…I have a background in counseling. Both being in it and being trained to do it. They *are* an interesting bunch.

Happy Birthday Don. My kid is six today…can I send him over to party with you and Cathy?

Comment by lori g.

Of course you can! Children are our future. That the main reason Don and I have none of our own.

Comment by cathylybarger

Happy Birthday a couple days late!!!



Comment by jean

Humans are fun and delicious too!
Seriously though, this phenomena can be explained by a very telling insider joke from the ranks of psychologist/social worker types, it goes like this – “what is the difference between a (you pick one) psychologist/social worker and his/her client? – The client gets better!”


The psychiatry’s office staff humour mirrors the lost school’s humour in that they see on average the same amount of insanity in their relationship with their clients as WE see in the everyday average interactions in OUR world…

Say it aint so….

Comment by sp

That’s deep, man.

Comment by cathylybarger

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