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Year of the…what?
January 2, 2008, 2:00 pm
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people drawing something

Did you have a pleasant New Year’s Eve and day? We did. I did not take that many pictures during our party though I did get this one of some anonymous folks working on a large oil pastel drawing. Both the wine glass in the foreground and the clock in the background were moments away from being destroyed in unrelated incidents so it was a good thing I got this one.

So, guess what? I don’t for sure know how the name the year thing turned out. There were pages of submissions written in a notebook that we passed around at the party. We narrowed it down to five phrases one of them being “The year of clean laundry and dirty living”. That’s the one I picked but I don’t know for sure how everyone voted because I can’t find the notebook anywhere. Don was in charge of it so I’m sure it’s in a safe place. I just have to remember to ask him about it.

Since only three people cared enough to comment on the name the year thing I’m going to send each one of them a treat. Something really good like a bead or a copy of the Karen Leonardo book. Bob, Phil and Jean, I know that I’ve asked all of you for your addresses a million zillion times each time promising that I will write it down somewhere where I can find it again. While Jean’s address successfully made it into the computer Phil and Bob’s have not. Indeed, I was lying to them when I said I was going to write it down. Something to work on in 2008, not lying so much. If you guys can email me your business yet again at aardart@aol.com I’ll get your treat in the mail.

A New Year’s quote:

Me: So Patrick, did you have a good 2007?

Patrick: Well, I don’t have any bills and no one’s pissed at me so I guess it was pretty good.

Happy New Year!


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Dang! I missed it! I wanted to play but unfortunately I was stuck with family. Not that I could compete with clean laundry and dirty living.

Comment by lori g.

Oh well, families need attention too. There’s always next year. I like your Wednesday what is it? contest. I left you a funny there. I hope I win!

Comment by cathylybarger

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