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Almost Done, I think.
December 29, 2007, 1:43 pm
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lizard knob

I just popped by the studio to pick up the last two glass pieces I made for the house. It was really fun this week just making stuff for me. I made this big lizard knob for a cabinet in my work area. It’s almost 2″ across. I made a tap handle for our new beer refrigerator out of that creature I made for the Watch Me Create blog:

creature tap handle

I had to make a new body to accomodate the threaded rod. It’s pretty easy to turn beads functional with threaded rod and JB Weld Steel glue. That’s how I make the knobs too. I’ve always been leery of applying  the hot glass right on top of a metal fixture–over nuts or over a threaded rod. Gluing them in afterwards seems to work just fine.

I’ll be back up on Ebay in not too long. We’re finishing up a lot of stuff at the house today and then we clean up.


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you amaze, amaze, amaze me!!! I am so proud to now such a FAMOUS PERSON!

ps: Happy New Year a tiny bit early!

Comment by jean

ps: not “now” …”Know” oops!

Comment by jean

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