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Ye Gods…
December 26, 2007, 4:08 pm
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The kitchen bar project is metastasizing into an episode. A host of improvements are happening suddenly in other areas. I am most excited about finishing the drywalling in my work area. The wall was taken down to the studs last year when our sewer pipe broke causing the great Cosmic Shitstorm of ’07. I was fine with the studs but drywall looks nicer.  And you can hang art on it. We’re also getting rid of the giant beer refrigerator that sat in the corner and turning that into a seating area with one or perhaps two chairs that look like this or perhaps like this. I have always always wanted shoe and/or hand chairs but never had a spot for them. It’s a dream come true, I tell you.

I may not be around much between now and New Year’s on account of the project. I should be making beads today but I’m trying to finish up knobs for the cabinets. I really, really wonder what’s going to happen after I’m gone to all of this crap we’ve been making for the house. It is a sight. I think it’s the best house ever. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to tear it down or keep it the same, though.


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the leopard ones are really cool. the mitt ones ar ecool to but there is a real person who makes that and i can’t remeber his name…his are sorta nicer. I can’t believe how wonderful you house is.

Comment by jean

I saw a real person or group of people on line who made those but they weren’t making them at this time. The custom ones are really nice but pricey. I have to edit my post anyway because a pair of shoes won’t fit in my space–the hand will though!

Comment by cathylybarger

ok–well the mitt is nice too! Yay Cathy!

Comment by jean

Did you see the puzzle piece ottoman? It comes apart and you can sit on the pieces. I want that too but we spent all our money on a stylish new beer refrigerator.

Comment by cathylybarger

Priorities after all…( I’m picturing blind Lady Justice with some plush furniture on a platter on one side of the scale and a beer cooler on the other)

Comment by sp

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