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Name The New Year Contest
December 24, 2007, 12:48 pm
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busy linoleum

We’re back at work in the kitchen installing new cabinets and removing the old. Yesterday we removed the old sink and found this enchanting linoleum beneath. It is strikingly similar to a rug we have in the living room. I kind of like it. All of the kitchen activity relates to the fact that we want to have a bar in the kitchen for our New Year’s Eve party. We should have the place cleaned up  by then. I hope.

For the new bar, which is actually a nifty curved display case I’ve had for years in the store, I chose an ice bucketfrom the vast selection on Ebay. It’s sort of beat up but, you know, what isn’t? I really like the font that the word “Love” is drawn in. LOVE! I LOVE ICE!

Ah, crap, I don’t know what to do today–stay here at the store where it’s warm and clean and make beads or go home and try not to make things worse there. The house is at the point where it’s such a mess that it bothers me even though I’m separated from it spatially. A new and uncomfortable feeling, this one. What to do, what to do.

While I ruminate on what to do today I might as well tell you about Lost School’s name the year contest. Each New Year’s Eve (since we’ve had the house) we come up with a new name for the year. ’07 was the Year of the Apocalopse (pronounced “a-POC-ca-lops”) which is the imaginary mascot of the Lost School and ’06 was The Year of No Consequences. So far we do not have a “Year of the _____”  for ’08 though we have been trying very hard to think of one.

Would you like to help us name 2008? If you do, just leave your suggestion for the year name in the comment area. A winner will be decided among popular vote of whomever shows up at our house on New Year’s Eve. Even if we don’t find a winning suggestion and end up using a name of our own, everyone who comments will be eligible to win an interesting treat of some kind in a random drawing which will also be held on New Year’s Eve at our party. If we use your suggestion you will receive the grand prize which will be two interesting treats. Right now I’m not sure what the treats will be but rest assured there’s no shortage of interesting things lying around here. Each individual may post up to two comments, though your name will go into the hat but once. Good luck! You have until 6pm CST on Dec. 31 to comment.


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from Jim:

“2008: Year of the Flashback”

Comment by jean

2008: the year where if you goof and accidentally hit the shift key, the year looks like this: 200* !!!

Comment by jean

Hi Jean-
We now have a main contender in the name the year thing but it’s more of a slogan than a catchy “Year of the —-” thing. The slogan is “Curb your inner dumbass”. It’s an excellent thing, curbing your inner dumbass, because it’s not active like having to lose weight or something. You really only have to avoid doing things that you know are stupid in the first place. It’s not that hard to comply with and it will make the world a better place. “Year of curbing your inner dumbass” doesn’t sound right. So we’re still looking.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, there’s the obvious: Year of the Post-Apocalopse.
Which might fit, given all the found-object art floating around your house and studio.


Comment by phil

The UN has obviously been reading your blog as they have tossed their “2008 = year of the potato” into the ring.

I was up for “Year of giving your inner child something to cry about.” but that potato thing is hard to beat.

Comment by bob s

Are you the same bob s. who mailed me the killer rabbit slippers? I like them very much but can’t wear them yet because the house is too dirty.

Comment by cathylybarger

2008: Year of the Flashback

Comment by johoo

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Comment by James

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