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Smoking Dinosaur
December 11, 2007, 3:44 pm
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smoking dinosaur

Smoking dinosaur with a gun is going up for sale this evening. Another labor intensive bead from down in my soul for you, the public, to enjoy. If it helps you come to terms with this image the dinosaur is pointing the gun at a cactus that has it’s arms up. The cactus isn’t pictured on the bead because there wasn’t room without making the bead huge. Also, in my opinion, the dinosaur is relatively rich subject matter. Also, would it matter if I put the cactus in there? Would you like a smoking dinosaur with a gun bead better if there was a cactus in it? I’m not psychic. You have to tell me these things. Your opinion is important to me. Especially if you’re inclined to buy one of these beads. Then it’s very important.

In other news, it will not stop snowing here. And there just isn’t anything else to talk about. I’m going to try to make the snow-pile in front of the store obscure the front window. That’s my goal for the winter.


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Oh well we played with guns as kids, you see, and dinosaurs were also major for us. so I could possibly have less of a problem with this as a younger person. Ihad a friend who would not give her son a gun to play with as a kid ( this boy woud be 30 now). He shot “sticks” instead . So that is what you get for withholding guns form kids at a certain age. stick shooters.

Comment by jean

We didn’t get to play with guns as kids so my brother just blew stuff up instead.

If you’re still on the fence about the cactus issue, the dinosaur is an adult dinosaur and his weapon is registered and not loaded. The cactus doesn’t know any of this.

Comment by cathylybarger


Comment by jean

I have to say that of course I reallly love this bead. But being the one who drew the next frame (who knew that it was part of some silly lost school comic book) of this “story”, that I can only hope that this bead will spawn the rest of it’s storyboard progeny… Meanwhile…
There are few things I have laughed at as much as this little cartoon and unfortunately only an entire series of beads could convey the breadth of our collective mirth…

Comment by sp

who be you, sp? do I know you ? you are lucky if you got to hang out and draw and laugh!

Comment by jean

Sigh. Yeah I looked up the cartoon in question and that is a pretty good idea. I don’t know if I’ll do the whole thing but I like the frame with brontasaurus saying “Huh?”. It’s kinda hard to keep on with these suckers but as long as you guys are entertained, I’m entertained.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi Jean, I be Sean P.(long time caller, first time listener), and I do consider myself lucky, ’cause if one was to hypothetically add up all laughs perpetrated in the name of the LSoM, our general pessimisms might almost be surmounted… Anywho, I only wanted to mention that Cathy’s next bead workshop will cover the topic of how to write a backwards and inside-out script in minature whilst balancing the relative merits of various contending “year of the _____” titles upon a smallish but soon to be melted piece of 1″x1″ piece of glass…whooHoooo…

Comment by sp

YEAH I SAW IT, above–SHE IS AMAZING. which one of the greats was into backwards writing? it was da vinci, right? I had a friend at one time who could do this rapidly and in lovely script. it was frightening to witness. nice to meet you!

Comment by jean

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