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December 8, 2007, 5:25 pm
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jail bead

This bead rocks. I think it’s my favorite one. Click on it to go to the auction.

Lost School is celebrating Tycho Brahe’s birthday tonight. I’m not sure how it all started but at one time or another he became kind of a running joke with us. Not on account of him being an astrologer but because he wore a prosthetic silver nose. He lost part of his real one in a drunken duel at nighttime. Whenever I think I’ve  used poor judgement I just think of Tycho Brahe all liquored up swinging a sword around in the dark and I feel downright smart. Now I have to go home and make little tinfoil noses for everyone.

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ahahaha! and now i shall go see bead!

Comment by jean

dude! That silver nose tip is not even the most exceptional thing about Tycho! He died when he EXPLODED in front of the King. He had been drinking, and you know, you don’t just excuse yourself from the King. You wait until the King excuses you. And it took too long, and his bladder exploded, and he died.

Comment by kate mckinnon

Holy shit! That’s an horrific and amazing story. He died as he lived, I suppose, full of booze.
Rumor has it that his nose may have been taken by syphillius. Some one told me that this weekend. I like the duel theory better.

Comment by cathylybarger

Duel is I think correct. You will have to drink a lot of beer or mead tonight if you are going to properly celebrate. But don’t explode!

Comment by kate

This bead reminds me of a short film in Spike & Mike (or is it Mike & Spike?)’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival… “Hello mom and dad – I’m IN JAIL! I’m calling from JAIL!” (etc., etc.) ???

Any connection, or is it purely coincidental?


p.s.: According to experts Tycho probably actually wore a COPPER nose (when dug up by zealous historians for research purposes, the nose area of his skull had green markings, implying exposure to copper.) –Me, I’d just figure maybe he had a really really bad cold… you think? 😛

Comment by Annie :)

Oops. Foster is the one who drew the jail and I don’t think he ever saw that cartoon. I did though! It is similar but just a coinkydink.

I heard he had both a gold silver blend and a copper one. For his many moods, no doubt. We prefer the silver nose because it can easily be recreated with tinfiol.

Comment by cathylybarger

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