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December 7, 2007, 12:01 pm
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I switched my fluid writer pen with the crow quill pen Patrick was using so I could draw that smoking dinosaur holding a gun. For comparison of line thickness, the hedgehog was done with the fluid writer. Harder to use but you can get much more detail with the crow quill. No way I could have drawn that gun with the fluid writer. Thank god I figured that out! Otherwise there wouldn’t be a bead with a dinosaur holding a gun on it. One day you will understand why that is important. More likely you will hear why it is important and then disregard it as nonsense. Only one of us will be right.

Well, anyway, speaking of painting and what not. Patrick just finished up a collaborative tile started by this gal Caroline. We call it the “Brain/Bowel Tile” though “Blue Bowels” would be another good name. Here it is:

brain bowel tilebrain bowel tilebrain bowel tile

Caroline did the spotty part in the middle a couple of months ago and Patrick did the rest. That’s pretty damn nifty as far as I’m concerned. Most people shy away from intestinal representation in their artwork…maybe without even knowing it. Do you? I know I do! That’s why I like Lost School–they’re all id painting whatever the hell they want to paint. If someone wants to paint an intestine the only thing you ask is “What color?”. It’s good to have a serving or two of that a day.

It’s tough to follow the Brain/Bowel tile, I know, but…a nice Ebay bead buyer named Alicia sent me a pic of a necklace she made out of a little blue peeper fish bead she bought.

alicia's necklace

It’s a-symmetrical and the colors are delicate and lovely and perfect with this bead. This is the first photographic evidence I have that someone somewhere is really enjoying their painted bead. Frankly I could not have been more thrilled if had she sent me a definitive photo of the Loch Ness Monster. I’d send you to Alicia’s site but she does not have one. She just likes making stuff. I say good for her. Thanks a lot for the photo, Alicia!

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That is a great tile! I can’t decide which part I like best, the blue intestine or the psychedalic measles part.

Comment by kate

Both have their charms, to be sure. “Psychedelic measles” is a good description. I’ll save that for later.

Comment by cathylybarger

Excellent tile! I’m calling it “Intestinal Spotitude”. Please read the e-mail I sent you Cathy…and tile on!

Comment by Idel

I would like to just point out – and most certainly not diminish Caroline’s contribution to the brain bowel tile – that the red circles Caroline did make, but within even that part of the tile Patrick contributed an amazing amount of detail. I witnessed it myself, all the little dots of color were the work of Patrick’s painstaking method. He left that part with a white background and continued on by providing the rest of the tile with foreground and foreground and background washes. His work is a litany of zen like meditative practices.
P.s. This does not mean that I do not miss Caroline’s contributions. (:

Comment by sp

“Intestinal Spotitude”. Good one Idel!

Yeah, Caroline did just start that tile. Both of those guys are inspiring, though. Patrick especially because he takes more and more time with each piece. I think everyone’s work could benefit from doing that.

Comment by cathylybarger

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