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December 3, 2007, 4:47 pm
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I had to put on my winter finery today and waddle across the isthmus to the co-op to pick up some food for my hedgehog and lizard. Man, that was cold. I had a hat but I did not want to wear it in the co-op on account of it was made out of a bunny. It was one of Don’s hats. He has many representing various growths on the “small mammal” branch of the evolutionary tree. Bald people need hats to survive here. That’s why they have so many.

Anyway, I hid my hat in my backpack while I was shopping. It got buried under groceries and I did not want to dig it out and yadda, yadda, yadda, I walked home hatless. So that was cold, but I’m ok. I got Lucy’s organic collard greens and Cracker’s all natural moisty cat food. My treat, in as much as you can find a treat in an organic food store, was a bag of organic figs. Figs are great. I like their texture and they’re so freaky looking. No one else in the household is even remotely interested in them so there isn’t any competition for the fig bag. I should have stocked up.

My and Don’s diet is about 90% frozen pizza and soup. Actually, Don eats at work and more than once a day so his percentage probably isn’t quite that high. Mine is though. Every once I get the urge to make some other kind of food that we will eat at the same time–a “meal”, if you will. When that happens it’s as though hunger is such an elusive and unpredictable phenomenon that there is no way to foresee a time when we will be both hungry and at home at the same time. Part of the reluctance to making such an event work might come from an overall aversion to my cooking, but I think it’s more a scheduling thing. By the time you’re hungry enough to eat another frozen pizza you don’t want to wait more than 19-23 minutes to eat something. Then it’s time to go to bed. That’s how it is with us and we’re too old to change now. I hope we’re not shortening our lives too much. At least the pets eat well.


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I need a list of his hats. I have a hat love!

none of them looks good on me but I keep buying them anyway.

It comes from growing up in the era of Ali MacGraw starring in Love Story. The most famous hat ever in any movie!

Comment by jean

Don’s got bunny, beaver, sheepskin and something else…muscrat, maybe? They’re all the same earflappy style. Love story would have been quite different if Ali Mac Graw was wearing one of Don’s hats.

Comment by cathylybarger

dude, that’s rough. at least you could pick up an already roasted chicken and a box of washed salad once in a while. Even the grocery deli could provide you with actual pre-made nutrition once a week or so. I want to fly out there and make you dinner.

Comment by kate mckinnon

I want you to fly out here too! We could go get a chicken from the gas station. It’s right on the way from the airport, actually.

Comment by cathylybarger

Gas station chicken rocks.
Gas station bbq is often even better.

Comment by kate

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