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Snow sucks.
December 1, 2007, 6:53 pm
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patrick's bead

Mother of mercy! It is winter storming here. Why is this coming as such a surprise to me? It’s kind of like…snow? Who could have predicted that? I’m out of lizard food and nicotine gum…and I had to find my shovel all of a sudden. That snow is flippin’ heavy too. Not that I’m complaining-I’m just stating the obvious as I am wont to do.

So I was thinking as I tried to find a pair or near pair of gloves this morning–I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away a mateless mitten or glove. Ever. I always just toss them back into whatever zone we have allotted for winter clothing. I have to stop doing that. There are unusable single gloves from 15 years ago in there. And I’m not especially choosy about how closely my gloves match– being similar size and for opposit hands is good enough. It’s still hard to find something that will work.

Another thing I just thought of is that we procrastinated too long on raking up all the leaves our tree made. There are certain days that the city will pick them up. I don’t know how long I am going to be a homeowner before I start paying attention to that. Anyways, yesterday the leaves were in a large pile that obscured part of our porch stairs and today they are under six inches of snow and ice. But, you know, I think the leaves will make shoveling easier because the snow won’t pack down. Lazy person bonus!

Well, anyway, I listed a bunch of beads today that should be up later on tonight. One of them is Patrick’s beautiful bird bead. At the other end of the artistic spectrum is a bead featuring the IKEA guy. You ought to look at everything that’s up ’cause I spent all day writing those silly things.

My assignment tonight is to pick up a pizza on the way home. I think it will be fun carrying a giant, flat box in the blowing rainy snow. Don’t know why I think that but I do. There’s a certain thrill factor involved ’cause the wind could catch the box like a sail. I let you know how it goes.

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this bead is gorgeous

Comment by jean

And how, it is! It was really nice of Patrick to let me put this up. Since the paintings are relatively new I really don’t know what people want to see on them yet. It’s very helpful to me to have designs that are different than mine up just to see if people like them.

Comment by cathylybarger

That bead got me to some serious thinkin ( ut oh ). Perhaps the latest lost school fad to replace tile and mannequin paintings. Just cause the way the cute little square of clear glass suddenly metamorphs into a come of age bead – wow it looks like anyone (with patience and a steady hand) could do it. Well, on the other hand (can those glass squares be shrunk ?)….
Otherwise I’m lookin forward to a bead incarnation of Patrick’s bowel-brain design…

Comment by sp

The bird bead came out great. Nifty choice of bead.
And … you’re not alone in the lost glove world. There is now a website dedicated to reuniting lost gloves with gloves losers:
(Heard about it on NPR.)

Comment by phil

Anyone SOBER could do it! That’s kind of the big road block between Lost School and mass production of painted beads. Foster wouldn’t be able to use his hands to paint because the stuff is so toxic. We’re having a hard enough time keeping him alive as it is. Once the black outline is drawn it’s very fragile–anything can rub it off before it’s fired–so they’re not transportable to and fro the studio.

Feel free to stop by and paint sometime. I think anyone can do some manifestation of this but it takes Patrick’s hyper-focus to make a crane bead with all those friggin’ skinny lines in it. And don’t tell him to make a bowel-brain bead. I’m trying to steer him toward something nice, like a butterfly.

ps. SP is in lost school.

Comment by cathylybarger

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