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The Legend of the Fruitcake Bat
November 26, 2007, 8:10 pm
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fruitcake bat bead

The 2007 commerative Failed Legends bead is up for auction. Click on the bead to read all about it.  I started my research with a Wikipedia entry on fruit bats where I learned that, due to their hearty size, fruit bats were often used in Dracula or any other bat-oriented films. So that part is as true or as sketchy as any Wikipedia entry. The part about the US being at war in 1942 is also true. And the rest is pure BS. I made it up last night when I was sitting in front of the space heater in the bathroom.  I’ve been spending so much time next to the heat that I moved a bunch of my art books in there so I can learn things while I stay warm. If I had a desk and a laptop in there I’d be set.

Today a plumber came to our house and hooked up the bright yellow sink that we bought about a year ago. Now we have two sinks in the kitchen instead of just one sink and a giant, yellow potato chip bag holder. The new sink getting hooked up is a harbinger for something else happening like our ripping out the old sink and getting a dishwasher. So that’s exciting for me and no one else. Kinda like a lot of stuff.


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