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Turkey Day Movie
November 24, 2007, 11:48 am
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After gorging ourselves at my parent’s house on Thanksgiving the gang went to see “No Country For Old Men” at the Sundance Cinemas. Right now Sundance is just one theater but eventually it will be a chain. Robert Redford owns them and they are very swanky. They serve beer and wine and you get to pick out your seats. I could have done without the scented air but other than that it was great. Here’s a picture of some fancy chairs that were inside the ladie’s room:

fancy chairs

They look like they would be easy to tip over but they were actually very stable. I tried.

But, back to the movie. We’re all huge Coen brothers fans here so we think pretty much everything they do is great. We give it seven thumbs up. Without giving anything away, it reminded me a lot of their first movie “Blood Simple” what with the slow pacing and the slow bleeding of people onto wooden floors. If you enjoyed that movie you’ll love “No Country For Old Men”. It’s got some priceless dialogue in it, too.


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my fav is Fargo. the are like noo ther, though aren’t they?

Comment by jean

True that. They’re all my favorites…except maybe Miller’s Crossing. That’s the only one I didn’t warm up to.

Comment by cathylybarger

wow. I shouldn’t type at 1 a.m.
whoo hoo!!!

Comment by jean

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