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November 14, 2007, 1:23 pm
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The creepy muff! We finally caught it!

creepy muff

Now we can start leaving the bread out again.

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Uhhh, what the heck is that thing? I was thinking it could be anything from a big, hairy spider, an unfortunate domestic animal, or perhaps a really agressive and mutated dust bunny.

PS. My bread goes in the fridge too, thanks to my cat with a bread fetish…seriously.

Comment by Debbie

It’s an antique mink muff made out of three whole minks–heads, tails, everything. I blogged about it but it was some time ago. My sister in law gifted it to me after I admired it’s strangeness. She bought it on Ebay. Don clamped the mousetraps on it and left it in the kitchen for me to “find”.

ps. I had a ferret with a bread fetish. Also a shoe fetish. Gosh, we should have kept our shoes in the fridge. That would have solved some problems. Next ferret we’ll do that.

Comment by cathylybarger

One must look out for the creepy muffs…and I’m now led to think far more about muffs than I do usually which leads me further to thoughts about funny names for girl parts. Muff makes sense when one thinks about it, I’m rather partial to Hello Kitty these days.

I have a dog with a blanket fetish, but I’m not thinking sleeping in my fridge is a viable option.

I love the new bead series.


Comment by margot

Muff is a loaded term, to be sure. Antique muff, even more so. I guess the muff went out of vogue around the same time ladies began to need their hands free to vote and flip people off.

Thanks Re:the new beads! I gotta go make more…

Comment by cathylybarger


Comment by jean

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