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November 4, 2007, 4:13 pm
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Hey! I’m painting on beads now.


Also, I wrote about painting on beads on the Watch Me Create blog. Go read that if you get a minute.

I can’t wait to get good at this painting thing. I need to make something sellable ASAP. I have no auctions up right now. That is making me panicky. As well it should.

So, my studio bathroom is going to be a little firing and painting room. The clove oil that I’m using as a medium with the powdered glass paint reeks and the bathroom is the only room with decent wiring and a window. Only one place to sit though. At the same time I am trying to clear out the front of the store so it can be a display area for other people’s artwork. So I’ve got stuff to do. And I have no auctions up. I better get going.


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Bathroom = painting and firing room…clove oil…things that reek and only one place to sit. Alrighty then, no dearth of things to ponder. I’m all set.

Comment by Idel

Do you fuse? I wonder what painted beads (the ones that cracked) would look like if they were allowed to melt flat. I’m not sure how enamels do in that regard…they might work their way to the surface.

I know your paintings are going to be spectacular…who would create like a genius sitting on the bowl?

Comment by lori g.

Not much to work with on this one. Hopefully more food for thought on the next.

Comment by cathylybarger

I’ve been thinking about the fusing possibilities, as in…wouldn’t it be much,much,much,much,much easier to fuse these little paintings to something than to make them into a bead? I’m sure I’ll get around to trying that and I’ll let you know what happens.

So far a lot of the paintings (like the Abe bead) are segments of larger collective drawings I made with my boon companions in the Lost School. Sometimes they’re my designs and sometimes they aren’t so I can’t take full credit.

It turns out that being in the bathroom with the window open is no fun at all. It’s getting cold outside and the seat gets pretty icy. I think I’m just going to mix paint in there and move out into the store to paint where it’s warm. That’s my plan for today!

Comment by cathylybarger


Kindly disregard my “Say It!” on this thread…an ill-conceived remark born of Sunday evening crankiness due to [several] eBay auctions closing without a sale.

“Harmonious Lester” is due to arrive today. I am confident future remarks will reflect the therapeutic “Lester Effect” which, thank the cosmic powers, requires no prescription.

Comment by Idel

I was right! There just is something about a harmoniously-colored, 2-eyelidded Lester bead that very little else on Earth can compete with… (perhaps winning the Powerball, but one has no control over that). Lester beads, on the other hand, may be created and purchased virtually at will. Likewise, Dingus beads.

Spoken like a true slave to my rods and cones.

Comment by Idel

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