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Oh…THAT Halloween.
November 1, 2007, 11:12 am
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So yesterday I went to the studio and I did sales tax and paid bills and I cleaned animal cages and hooked up my new scanner and started to scan images for bead painting. It was a busy day. Don was busy all day brewing beer. I got home around 7:30. At about ten to eight there was a knock on the door. It was a small child in a costume. I ran back to Don and whispered “Don, we have a trick-or-treater at the door! What are we going to do?” Between the flurry of activity over the weekend and having all kinds of stuff to do both of us completely spaced that it was Halloween and didn’t buy any candy.

(Side note: This isn’t that uncommon a thing to have happen in a city that celebrates holidays with abandon always the weekend before. I often space out the 4th of July as well since the giant “Rhythm and Booms” thing goes on the weekend before. Several days later, when the 4th of July proper rolls around and fireworks start going off I sometimes think the world is ending.Then again, I sometimes think that even when it’s quiet.)

Anyway, back to the story. Don did not find this situation as alarming as I did. He just grabbed the handiest individually wrapped thing that we had, which happened to be a pair of unused earplugs we had left over from the Ween show, answered the door and gave them to the child.

trick or treat

I came up with some tootsie rolls that I keep in a container on my desk so the kid would have something to eat while he’s wearing his new earplugs. I don’t know child development from a hole in the ground but I think the kid seemed old enough to discern between ear plugs and tootsie rolls. I hope he didn’t get the two mixed up. With only one more set of earplugs left I shut off the porch light to avoid the stress of coming up with something for the next kid. About all we had left in the house were cans of soda and frozen peas and I didn’t want to give anyone anything hard that they could throw back at us.


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ha ha ha!!!

Comment by jean

Hi Jean! Thanks for laughing.

Comment by cathylybarger

Cathy…LOL! And, as long as you’re speaking of “Hi Jean”…

In my last life, I was a software developer at a company owned by the NYSE. You really can’t appreciate stress until an on the job screw-up has the potential of causing the stock market to open late the next morning. Suffice to say that most of us populated our cubicles only with stuff that could be boxed up in the time it took the security escorts to arrive at your desk and help you carry it out of the building for the last time. Anyway, the comic relief on our floor was another development team whose members’ first names were “Eugene”, “Lai” and “Ina”. First thing every morning we’d hear: “Hi Gene”, “Hi Lai” and “Hi Ina”. Still cracks me up.

Oh…so as not to leave you hanging, the security escorts never appeared at my desk. I instead quit abruptly and hired a lawyer. Oh well, that’s another story altogether, and has nothing to do with Halloween. Neither did this one, come to think of it.

Comment by Idel

You just come here and talk anytime you want to, Idel. It doesn’t have to pertain to anything. I just like the company.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hygiene. Jai Alai. Hyena. Well, I think it’s funny. All the rest of you can go make beads.

Comment by Idel

It is funny! And extremely well written, to boot. I’m going to go make beads now.

Comment by cathylybarger

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